Within two weeks; Government committee will make recommendations to the staff at Ministry of Trade

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BAGHDAD / JD / .. Council of Ministers to form a committee to study requests for staff of the Ministry of Trade and make recommendations within two weeks.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers received / JD / copy of it: that the council agreed during its meeting held today on the formation of a committee headed by Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and the membership of representatives from the ministries of finance and trade, in addition to a representative of the advisory board of not less than their degree of general manager.

The statement said: The Committee shall consider requests for staff of the Ministry of Trade and make recommendations to the Council of Ministers within two weeks from the date Sdror this decision.

The Ministry of Commerce has responded to the demands of their employees objectors, saying it has issued recommendations to grant overtime to the beneficiaries and to increase the amount of food, in addition to the monthly remuneration and allowances of the transfer.

The ministry said in a statement received / JD / copy of it a few days ago: held an emergency meeting chaired by the Deputy Minister Walid al-Moussawi, the presence of the Inspector General and directors of departments and directors of companies administrative departments in the ministry to consider requests objectors staff and decision-making.

The statement quoted Musawi as saying that some of these demands is the prerogative of the ministry have been forwarded to the Minister of Commerce for approval urgently, while there are demands fall within the powers of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives were traded with officials in the Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and members of the Council House of Representatives.

Moussawi stressed the need to find ways and solutions to meet the demands of the employees in order to be an employee of the Ministry of Commerce in the best case in terms of living conditions and morale, similar to peers in other ministries. For his part, the Inspector General in the Ministry of Commerce Mohammed Hussein Mahdi said grant allocations need to be legislation that references the top and this is a given but there are allocations can the ministry granted to employees without reference to such legislation, and the duty of the ministry to speed up the implementation of applications that fall outside their validity after coordination with the relevant.

The Inspector-General stressed the need for efficient employee attention and support financially and morally nomination is not limited to the leading cadres of the Ministry located in the center of the ministry or corporate headquarters in Baghdad, but there are good qualifications and cadres found in the branches of the ministry in all the provinces.

According to the statement, there have been several interventions by the directors general and directors of administrative departments, and stressed during which the need to adopt the principle of calculating the certificate and service for the salaries of the staff of the ministry where there is a disparity in salaries between employees up to the extent of injustice, and to reconsider the salaries and allowances to companies self-financing and grant allocations tenure officinalis universe The ministry has a large number of stores scattered in Baghdad and the provinces in addition to half-slice dismissed politicians through the formation of a higher committee for their consideration and installation contracts in the companies owners ministry.

The ministry said: that the meeting came out with several recommendations have been forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce for approval, including granting overtime to recipients within the rules and regulations and the authorization of General Managers for the granting of overtime as well as increasing the amount of feeding of the five thousand to ten thousand and as provided for by the laws and regulations and the granting of a monthly remuneration of Trustees stores and treasurers be in the form of points extra work, as well as activating the exchange transport allocations by geographic location to recipients who do not have formal transmission lines, and the inclusion of staff branches the ministry Pallaivadat, and update provincial branches of buildings, from all sides.

The ministry continued: As scientific testimony will be calculated, such as the Arabic language, geography and physical education, political science, in addition to pursue allocations serious career.

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