Washington is planning to create a power emergency with escalating violence in Iraq and the region

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Washington is planning to create a power emergency with escalating violence in Iraq and the region

Jan 25 2014 sat seven thirty-one p.m.

newspaper “USA Today” American Saturday, the outline prepared by Washington to create the power of military emergency Marines in the Middle East are capable of rapid intervention in troubled areas in the Arab countries, in light of the escalating violence in Iraq and Syria. said The newspaper said that “the force would be similar to a unit of Marines in the area Moron, Spain, which was built in a hurry in the wake of the events of atheist th of September 2012 after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and claimed the lives of the U.S. ambassador and the number of crew consulate


,” indicating that “the force will have The ability to send troops at any moment to secure embassies and U.S. interests and is also eligible to carry out the evacuation and will lead the U.S. military work force from Camp Amutir in Djibouti. ” the newspaper said the U.S. should “force is not designed to fight wars, but to carry out a small task that requires a quick response, such as evacuate embassies during a possible attack, “adding that” the mood of American military are now heading for the policy must complete small tasks quickly. ” They pointed out that “the force will be watching closely and will be close to trouble spots present, including the civil war in Syria and the revolution in Egypt and the escalation of violence in Iraq ,

“stating that it” will be able to decisively within an hour just for a moment to get orders. ” The United States has announced since the beginning of military operations in the (December 21, 2013) in the province to hunt down al-Qaeda and “Daash”, support for those operations , as expressed willingness to supply Iraq with various kinds of weapons to confront those groups.



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