USD exchange rate will remain conservative until year end; U.S. Fed Reserve will not taper quantitative easing

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Dollar exchange rate will remain conservative at the same level until the end of the year

BAGHDAD / JD / .. economic analyst predicted the survival of the U.S. dollar exchange rate stability for conservative until the end of the current year, while stressing that the exchange rates of the dollar in Iraq depends on the internal situation due to the massive oil and pump increase salaries prices.

Saif al-Ghanimi Executive Director of the Stock Exchange Global in Baghdad told the reporter / JD / that there is a subject of the so-called the “quantitative easing” as the United States and promised by the Fed to increase pumping money in dollars until the end of 2013, affecting negatively the pumping on the rest of the market Global, noting that in the interest of the United States dollar going down to the recovery of the domestic economy and the low level of unemployment and the rotation of the wheel factories and increase production, but all of these measures are going to the expense of other countries.

He said the U.S. dollar exchange rates in Iraq depends on the internal situation due to the massive oil and pump increase salaries prices, which maintains the stability of the Iraqi dinar, expected survival of the U.S. dollar exchange rate in maintaining the stability of Iraq on the grounds that he would remain conservative on stability in global markets.

The Association of Iraqi banks for approval of 25 banks to sell the dollar at a rate lower than the advertiser.
The Managing Director of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassan Hassoun in an earlier statement to the Agency / JD /: initiated by the Association of private banks in Iraq to invite the member banks to contribute to the campaign to reduce the price of the U.S. dollar.

Hassoun stressed: that 25 banks agreed to reduce the sale price of the dollar cash Mukzlk reduce the sale price of the dollar for the purposes of opening letters of credit.

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