UNSC: Review progress report on Iraq-Kuwait Relations June 27, 2013; UNAMI progress report July 25, 2013

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The following are excerpts from the UNSC monthly forecast:

Iraq – SG reports on UN compensation fund

Resolution 1956 (2010) of 15 December 2010

Para.6: requests the Secretary-General to provide written reports on an ongoing basis to the
council every six months, with the first report due no later than 1 January 2012, about the United
Nations compensation fund, evaluating the continued compliance with the provisions of
paragraph 21 of resolution 1483 (2003).

The letter dated 21 May 2013 (S/2013/305) is before the Security Council.

Iraq/Kuwait – missing persons and return of property
Resolution 1284 (1999) of 17 December 1999

Para. 14. requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council every four months on
compliance by Iraq with its obligations regarding the repatriation or return of all Kuwaiti and third
country nationals or their remains, to report every six months on the return of all Kuwaiti
property, including archives, seized by Iraq, and to appoint a high-level coordinator for these

Letter from the Council President to the Secretary-General of 30 June 2006 (S/2006/469)
Takes note of the intention of the Secretary-General in his letter dated 28 June 2006
(S/2006/468) to report, pursuant to resolution 1284 (1999), on compliance by Iraq with its
obligations regarding the repatriation or return of all Kuwaiti and third-country nationals or their
remains and on the return of all Kuwaiti property every six months.

Letter from the Secretary-General to the Council President of 10 January 2013 (S/2013/13)
Informs that pending a decision by the Council on the mandate of the High-level Coordinator on
missing Kuwaiti persons and property, the activities to fulfil the mandate in paragraph 14 of
resolution 1284 (1999) will be undertaken in an ad hoc manner, by drawing on existing staff and

The report of the Secretary-General is expected to be issued in June 2013.

Iraq – UNAMI In July 2013 Resolution 2061
(2012) of 25 July 2013

“Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council every four months on the progress made towards the
fulfilment of all UNAMI’s responsibilities” (para.6).

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