UN calls for sending international observers to oversee the upcoming Iraqi elections

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Iraq’s election commission said, Wednesday, that the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Nikolai ميلادينوف, called on the international community and the European Union to send international observers to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq.

A statement by the Modah elections, received “Awan” a copy of it, that “ميلادينوف and his accompanying delegation met Tuesday evening with the head and members of the Board of Commissioners in the election commission at UNHCR headquarters and held at the conclusion of the meeting a joint press conference with the President of the Commission Serbst Mustafa.”

The statement added that “During the meeting, the exchange of views between the parties with respect to preparations Commission to hold the Iraqi parliamentary elections, plans and schedules developed by and mechanisms to support the international team that represents the United Nations to provide technical advice to UNHCR staff, as well as the readiness of the United Nations to facilitate the tasks of monitoring teams of international representing the EU countries and other countries that contributed to the control of the Iraqi elections that took place earlier. ”

He added that “the two parties held a press conference attended by a number of satellite channels, and welcomed the President of the Board of Commissioners Serbst Mustafa Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN, praising Bastmrarada’m sponsored by the Assistance Group International, which works with departments UNHCR and continuous coordination in order to ensure the implementation of the timetable approved by the Board of Commissioners In preparation for the elections in April of next year. ”

The statement said that “ميلادينوف For his part, gave a speech at the conference in which he expressed his thanks and gratitude العاليين to the President and members of the Board of Commissioners in the first visit to the UNHCR, stressing in his speech for the continued support through advice and opinion good governance to ensure the maintenance of the independence of the Commission.” Stressing that ” UNHCR is a very strong and important as they represent one of the pillars of democracy in Iraq. ”


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