Three HCL drafts have been presented, One proposed; Not one has been adopted yet

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Bayazid Hasan: three drafts of oil and gas and there is no agreement on the adoption of their one to acknowledge
01-07-2013 12:34 PM

Erbil (newsletter). Member of the Committee said oil and energy parliamentary deputy from/change/beyazit, Parliament has put forward three draft laws for oil and gas on its shelves, including the two laws, and another proposed law, there is no agreement between the political blocs to adopt one.

Hassan said in a statement (News Agency): the House of two oil and gas law and a law proposal, first presented in 2007 and 2011, and the proposal of law submitted by the deputies, adding: discuss the proposal, but National Alliance opposed it and called for some time, there has been no agreement on any draft of the oil and gas of the drafts adopted by the meetings of the Council and approval.

He noted that, when the Government established there was a Convention of Erbil and one of its oil and gas legislation, three years without the adoption of the law, said: the law requires a political consensus, adding that passage of the oil and gas law will serve the Iraqi people, and the political will in the country.

She was member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Susan Saad block virtue, said that delays in the oil and gas Act legislation because the legislation was delayed four draft laws.

Al-Saad said in a statement: the Federal Oil Ministry received work without the law governing its work and that of the oil and gas bill of great importance but at the same time it is a matter of controversy among political blocs, particularly after the delayed approval for nearly five years as a result of the lack of political consensus

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