The importance of the projects to stimulate the economy

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Baghdad Yasser incumbent

showed the circumstances in the country, the importance of small and medium enterprises, which has long advocated by economists, and despite efforts by some private banks in the formation of a coalition between some of them in the founding of the company in support of these projects Aln importance emerged in the current stage, especially after closing Some border supply source of those products.
Perhaps it is useful to refer to the benefits of these projects as they contribute to providing many of the requirements and basic products as well as their ability to absorb Iyad unemployed and thus contribute to the absorption of an important part of the unemployment that has plagued the economy.
has revealed current events about the size of the projects designed by states Jawaraly according to the demand needed by the large Iraqi market with a stop most, if not all the laboratories and factories of Iraq, whether governmental or private sector, and in the media leaks revealed by traders Jordanians for the loss of laboratories established in the free zones of Jordan and designed on in accordance with the request of the Iraqi market amounted to 140 million dollars within a month over the events, and you can imagine the size of hard currency which Tsenzv due to imports, which can be compensated locally by supporting small and medium enterprises in the country.
interesting that private industry Hb response voluntary him to modify the transaction in provide some of the food industry that you need the local market and to support the military effort, too, refers to the possibility of establishing projects internal condition provides the necessary support.
nature of support was president of the Federation of Iraqi Industries has said in an interview earlier (morning) the possibility of providing this support through the activation code customs tariff to make the local product able to compete through the balance of production costs with the values of imports and activate the legal protection of the product and the consumer in one basket.
, and now has pant importance of starting the national product, which requires the support of the government to continue its efforts in the cases of war and peace and the importance that it will stimulate the growth of the economy through diversity of sources of funding for the public budget, what way to do this?.
all eyes are turned towards industrial initiative which hopes Snaaao Iraq enters into force after the adoption of the new parliament, the budget of the Federal Assembly, while economists see the need to head the objectives of this initiative is to support the private industrial sector as the case in the agricultural initiative that achieved targets developmental good not to go to the attempts to revive the public companies that are no way to salvage funding.
Union of Industrialists their point of view expressed by their president Ali Sabih al-Saadi are summarized in the allocation of loans for the purchase of production lines for the projects needed by the country at present with accessories manufacturing requirements Manufacturing does not pay the loans going directly to the activities of commercial and consumer move away completely from the target of the industrial initiative to achieve and requires according to Saadi minutes to put in place mechanisms to achieve this goal.


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