Iraq House of Representatives: optimism toward the U.S. decision on the lifting of the immunity from Iraqi funds, and calling him a positive step

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The members of the House of Representatives optimism toward the U.S. decision on the lifting of the immunity from Iraqi funds , and calling him a positive step .

The United States’ commitment to the protection of Iraq’s money and his assets have been proven in the strategic partnership agreement signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008. Been renewed as protection money to the U.S. for two consecutive years due to end next month .

He says MP Ali Fayad : ” The lifting of the immunity of Iraqi funds deposited in U.S. banks is a positive step being subject to the control of the concerned authorities in Iraq ,” and urged the Ministry of Finance and the government to protect these funds from international claims . ” Emphasizes hospitality in a special permit ” for the morning ” the lifting of the United States of the immunity given the right of Iraq to be primarily responsible for the protection of his money and defend because it is the rights of the people and as a nation free in its dealings that accomplishes this file properly ” , also called for Fayad, ” all relevant ministries to perform their role according to their respective responsibilities in the defense these funds adopting the style of scientific planning systematic decode recorded from any future claims by creditors Omtalpin compensation . ” He points out that “the Iraqi money has become clear to the United States being kept in special accounts and collect revenues from the export of oil and pour in the calculation of Iraqis are deducting 5 percent compensation to Kuwait and the remainder enters the expense of the Iraqi government and under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq .”

Attention Fayad attention to ” the international laws , especially the American states that any money is listed as the bank is registered with the U.S. central bank to become immune to being neither money commercial or speculative stocks , but is money to protect the national economy of the State and therefore not subject to the decisions of the courts or the claims of creditors who are demanding debts dating back to before 1990 . ” The settlement , which took place mostly in 2006 . ”

To that warns MP Abboud al-Issawi that ” lift the immunity of the U.S. was an indispensable step on Iraq that bears the responsibility and take the measures it deems appropriate on them ,” calling in a statement for ” morning” to be the central bank’s active role in the protection of Iraqi funds and work on get rid of the consequences of past heavy legal ways in addition to activating the diplomatic effort . ” stressed Issawi ” on the need to follow the government’s legal steps to keep the money and work through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant ministries accurately and not left vulnerable to claims of creditors assuming . ”

The box-shaped protection of Iraqi funds under UN Security Council Resolution 1483 to protect Iraqi funds from international claims after the events of 2003 , as the United States announced mid last year agreed to extend the protection of the money deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq for another year .

A lifting of immunity , MP of quitting to appeal to the concerned authorities ” to speed up the formation of joint committees of the foreign and finance ministries and state institutions concerned to work to devote efforts in order to keep the money ,” and describes Zamili lift the immunity of the U.S. as a ” positive step allows for Iraq the ability to protect people ‘s money for himself through the legal process without the intervention of any of the states , “he continued ,” that the central bank is to be a supervisor for the money and Hrzha and how to keep them from the owners of weak souls . ”

In the opinion of the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati , “The lifting of the immunity of Iraqi funds do not pose a threat to the country’s economy ,” he said in a statement the “morning” that ” Iraq needs to law firms sober and effective in order to answer any allegations claiming debts or compensation illegally cross international courts , ” he said, adding that it was” an essential step on Iraq that seeks to preserve and defend his money . ” He pointed to al-Bayati, “the importance of Iraq to take effective role internationally because it is a sovereign state , expressing praising the role of the United States and its contribution to the protection of Iraqi funds throughout the years that followed the fall of the dictatorial regime .”

The central bank governor, Abdul- Basit Turki search late last April with the U.S. Federal Reserve Multi Iraqi Central Bank reserves and the protection of Iraq’s money .

It is noteworthy that Iraq has met its obligations subject of debt and paid a large part of them , as there are countries that extinguished the debt by 100 percent , Kalamarat and the United States , under the Paris Club in Gulf states refrained from delving into the issue of settlement or extinguish the debt .

It draws experts be aware that the issue of compensation is settled through the allocation of 5 percent of oil revenues and is continuing until now , reminding that Iraq paid more than 110 billion dollars in compensation included countries , companies and people from different countries of the world were the largest share of them to Kuwait .

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