The government set a imported goods covered by the law of customs tariff

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad, Iraq’s cabinet decided on Tuesday, to approve the agenda imported goods covered by the application of the customs tariff law, decided to exempt a project to replace elevators City of Medicine of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts. said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said in a statement, issued today, and received “Alsumaria News , “a copy of it,” The Council of Ministers held its 52 regular headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Orteuraafa project to replace elevators City of Medicine of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts.

” the statement added that “the Council agreed to adopt the agenda imported goods covered by the application of the customs tariff law / first phase to offer the Ministry of Finance three months after the application of the law to the cabinet steps to apply the law and the obstacles to its application. ” with the Council decided “to refer the tender

No. (1) for the construction and equipping ships multipurpose number eight to the company (KUIPIER) Dutch and the total amount of 265 245 000, and the duration of the processing-running 24 months, commencing from the date of signing the contract, and authorize the Secretary of Transportation the authority to sign the contract with the company listed above and exchange fundamentalist. ” Council also decided to “approve the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the granting of the General Company for the Department of Transport on a loan of 20 billion dinars

A government banks to pay dues Bzmtha for allowances land ownership built by garages or create land for the construction of garages in nature civilized and sophisticated, especially the land of garage Karbala uniform, and bear the Ministry of Finance 4% of the benefits of the loan. ” as approved by the Council on “the Ministry of Finance conducted a transfer of an amount of $ 15 billion dinars from the amounts of compensation property closed on a Shi’ite shrine military (p) to the amount of compensation affected by the terrorist attacks in the city of Samarra, for the purpose of enabling the committee formed under it Diwani

No. (71) for the year 2012 from the completion of the disbursement of funds to the beneficiaries. ” Surpass Council asked the Oil Ministry to “transfers the amount of eight billion dinars from the expense of research and development to the Ministries of Higher Education, Science and Technology jointly for the purposes of the Faculty of Engineering / University of Baghdad, and the Research Center of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Projects in the Ministry of Science and Technology.” The Board approved the formation of a preparatory committee for “the setting and prepare for the holding of the regional meeting of the 13 national authorities concerned with the implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of representatives of the ministries (Foreign Affairs, Science and Altklnologgio)

In addition to the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Environment, with the allocation of a special budget to cover all the expenses and meeting requirements throughout the research, as befits Iraq’s international standing, “noting that” the selection of the city of to set up a meeting as a city that has suffered directly from the tragedy of the use of chemical weapons.

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