Special committee to consider three drafts of oil and gas law; GOI and Kurds approach new vision

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SUNDAY, 05 MAY / MAY 2013 10:13

Revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Sunday, that the Joint Committee, which was agreed to set up between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, will study three drafts of the law of oil and gas, go out with visions of a united about one of them, to be submitted to the parliament for approval, as promised former Joint Commission canceled.

He said the Commission’s decision Qassim Mohammed said in an interview for “Twilight News”, “The Joint Committee which will be later of the two governments and federal province will reconsider copies oil and gas law of the three,” noting, that the committee “will work to find a consensus and a common vision for the selection of one of those copies on be made later to the House of Representatives for approval. “

The item on the formation of a technical committee of the two sides to agree on a draft oil and gas law and the draft law distribution of resources, one of the points that disclosed within seven points contained in the text of the agreement concluded by the head of the provincial government Naچervan Barzani with the head of the federal government Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad recently.

He said Mohammed, said that “the Joint Committee earlier is finished and void after the completion of the formation of the new joint,” adding, that the new committee “comprising five people are representative of the mass of the National Alliance, another for the Kurdistan Alliance, and the third for the Iraqi List, along with Minister Oil in the federal government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government. “

He noted that the Committee “held two meetings and decided to take the federal oil minister and his counterpart in the province held meetings to agree on the technical aspects of the oil to leave the political aspects to the masses and leaders to resolve.”

The federal government had agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government last September to resume the region to export oil by 200 thousand barrels per day to pay the federal government costs for companies operating in the region, is that the region stopped exporting oil later for non-payment of Baghdad’s debt obligations and private companies foreign labor in the region.

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