Speaker: the situation in Iraq and the country’s complex federal state indivisible

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Speaker: the situation in Iraq and the country’s complex federal state indivisible

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. The head of the Iraqi parliament, Salim al, said on Sunday that the situation taking place in Iraq is complex, noting that federal, state indivisible.
The House of Representatives voted at its third meeting held Tuesday (15/07/2014), a majority on the assumption MP Salim al-president of the Council at its new winning 194 votes, after his rivalry with the candidate Rep.

Sunrise Alabegi which got 19 votes.
Jubouri said in a television interview vassal / Baghdadi News /, that “the situation in Iraq are complex, especially with the presence of terrorist groups and found help from people in some areas, but it bounced out,” pointing to “the existence of numerous factions on the ground, some old and some do not want stability Some say it is a popular revolution. “

He explained that “the National Alliance will determine the next prime minister,” noting that “there are some characters I said prospects for the position, with increased likelihood of others.”
And on the position of the Kurds Jubouri said, “There are problems on the ground need to be addressed, and some of them” need to be resolved urgently, “noting that the Kurds” believe in the Constitution and that Iraq is a federal state indivisible. “

He stressed the need to “achieve an initial cooperation in order to ensure the protection of the lives of the people first, and not to allow insurgents to mix the stock,” adding that “everyone should cooperate to provide security in Iraq.”

The Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament to “his quest to make the parliament watchdog,” stressing “the importance of safeguarding the rights of expression and opinion in his country.”
With the vote on the MP for the coalition of state law, Haider al-Abadi for the post of First Deputy Chairman of the Board after receiving 188 votes, following the re-election process after the withdrawal of MP for the Liberal Ahmed Chalabi of the competition, was elected MP for the mass change Aram Sheikh Mohammed, to the post of Second Deputy Chairman of the Board After receiving 171 votes.
As the president of the parliament, Salim al to open the door for nomination to the presidency of the Republic for a period of three days starting on Wednesday (16/07/2014), while were identified on Wednesday (07.23.2014) the date for the meeting and the election of the President. ended


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