Shi’ite lawmakers: the rule of law disintegrated

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said three of the deputies, on Saturday, that’s insistence reference Najaf on the application of the principle of “Change and Reform,” which advocated by most of the national forces, may resolve the position of most of the parties within the National Alliance, which has become convinced of providing an alternative candidate for Nouri al-Maliki, head of the caretaker government, pointing out that the Liberals and the citizen currently negotiating with all components of the “rule of law” with the exception of the Dawa party, which means that this list practically disintegrated during the talks.

This comes at a time Deputy for al-Sadr, the Shiite parties, has already begun, to provide guarantees for failure to prosecute al-Maliki prosecuted while pulling his candidacy for the presidency of the government, and that at his request, and the requirements of “the transfer of quiet authority.”
and want most Iraqi parties, a change in the political team for the government, designed message existence project a serious review and reform, and the promise that a critical step to absorb the anger and protest and calm climate troubled exploited by terrorist groups for months, and ended up collapsing military, putting the country at a dangerous crossroads.
emerged reference Najaf as a basic party in this call, loaded with politicians responsibility activate reforms, to face the repercussions of the collapse of military sudden.
MP said the bloc citizen Hassan sari in an interview with “long”, that the National Alliance has decided to attend the meeting of the Council of Representatives to be held next Tuesday, all the mass, “adding,” but did not agree components so far , a candidate for prime minister. ”
is not expected to force lead “the next meeting to resolve the issue of the prime minister, because of internal disputes within the National Alliance on personalities nominated for this position,” noting that the rigidity Nuri al-Maliki’s nomination, another resolution of the candidate’s name within the National Alliance ” .
and follow the leadership of the Supreme Council that “the blocks that fall within the National Alliance rejects categorically the renewal of the third term of the owners on the grounds that the presidential candidate of the Council of Ministers must have the admissibility national within the coalition and blocks other national.”
said allies of the owners within the state law repeatedly this week, They’re with the condition of admissibility stipulated by reference, and came such statements on the lips of leaders of the Badr Organisation, (25 seats within Maliki’s bloc) and carried a clear signal from the cracked alliance.
noted applicable to “all the mechanisms developed by the National Alliance regarding its candidate for prime minister and most important of acceptability among masses national, not available in the candidate state law, Nuri al-Maliki, “noting that most of the blocks of the National Alliance and other political blocs are conservative on his candidacy.”
so stressed Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad and the building of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Hassan Jihad, that the National Alliance is committed to the directives religious authority that called in earlier to change and not to cling to positions, taking into account the public interest “and expressed confidence that the National Alliance will be able in the coming days to nominate its candidate for prime minister in accordance with the directives of the reference in Najaf.”
and on what is being said about the existence of talks between the National Alliance and parts of the block state law on the prime minister, pointed out in force that “negotiations are continuing between the blocs of the Liberals and the citizens and all the blocks of the state of law, with the exception of the Islamic Dawa Party, about to accelerate in the naming of the Prime Minister.”
and pointed out that “these discussions focused heavily on the preservation of the National Alliance and the lack exclusion or marginalization of any block of blocks Alliance, “noting that these negotiations you want to resolve the issue frameworks quiet correct that is to withdraw the nomination of al-Maliki of the job and put the alternative.”
and that “all the components of the rule of law except block the Islamic Dawa Party, with blocks Liberals The citizen and the virtue and the Reform Movement, unwilling Maliki’s nomination for prime minister in response to the directives of the religious authority. ”
In this context, illustrates the MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary Tariq Kikhany that the alliance continues to debates about the name of its candidate for prime minister, with a commitment to the opinion of the religious authority that called for change. ”
and between Kikhany told the “term”, that stuck-Maliki candidacy for the post of prime minister has hampered the National Alliance for providing the candidate of the political blocs, “stressing that all the blocks that fall within the rule of law shown flexibility in presenting a consensus candidate rather than al-Maliki in response to the opinion of reference.”
and added that “The National Alliance will resolve naming its candidate for prime minister in accordance with the timings constitutional”
and confirms the MP “that al-Maliki began looking for assurances from the blocks of the National Alliance on non-accountable legally on all the events that occurred in the previous period,” explaining that “blocks the coalition gave him assurances in return withdraw his nomination the post of prime minister. ” He pointed out that “part of this is to grant assurances may Maliki locations in prominent state institutions.”






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