Planning: Iraq’s Economy Is Still High

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confirmed the Ministry of Planning, on Monday, that the Iraqi economy is still a yield and high consumerism, while suggesting the need to make critical decisions on the reduction of consumer spending, mainly. said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning Mahdi Keywords in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, on the sidelines launch schedule user product for the Iraqi economy for the year 2010, that “the Central Bureau of Statistics promising agenda user of the product for the year 2010, which represents one of the most important macro-economic analysis because it depicts the relationships Alchopkyh and overlapping each economic sector and marks the subject of the request broker and the value-added.”

He Keywords that “the results showed Iraq continues to yield economy depends on oil and that the balance of trade is linked to the export of oil positivity only, “noting that” the trade balance tends to be a surplus or a sign of positive about 20 trillion dinars, while if we neglect the oil sector Vsanhaddr balance is negative, and by 40 trillion dinars. ” The Keywords that “The results also showed a tendency big consumer in our economy, whether spending government consumption or private,” pointing out that “consumption in Iraq represents three-quarters of the economy and thus requires taking crucial decisions on reducing consumer spending, mainly.”

He Keywords that “results that will stimulate researchers and analysts to pay attention to these aspects and study the importance of the development contained in the table to use the product, “explaining that” These results are possible that benefit the stakeholders to get positive results and avoid the five-year plan approved by the government during the past period. ” was Bank Merrill Lynch – Bank of America said in a report released by the end of November last.

according to a poll conducted that Iraq will be the fastest growing among the world’s GDP and will grow in the local production of up to 10.5 percent, followed by China with 7.7 percent. Iraq relies on Financial revenue within the federal budget to 95% on the export of crude oil, putting this budget to significant risks may arise due to the decline in world oil prices which is what happened in 2008.

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