Parliamentary Finance Committee Announced What it Called for the Preparation of a Road Map to Repair the Banking System in Iraq

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The head of the committee in a joint news conference with a number of members of the committee in Baghdad today and was attended by the correspondent of the Euphrates News Agency  “The Finance Committee today held a workshop with representatives of private banks, government and central bank to launch its final report on reforming the banking system in Iraq.”

He explained that “this reform will provide and create jobs and stimulate investment in the country.”

And between Abadi “We in the Finance Committee working on the development and reform of the banking system and has held several workshops and the Committee has oversight and legislative role in the follow-up of the banking sector and the obstacles they faced and made the final of this paper, which represents the basic ideas and the road map.”

He expressed the hope that ”are taking by banks as a working paper for the repair because there are many problems in the Iraqi banking sector in relation to loans and also investment capital and savings.”

He said al-Abadi, ”it was to listen to international experts from the World Bank and advisers international,” stressing that it “is not a research paper or a theory but a report practical and realistic reform.Will be sent to the central bank and state institutions, especially state-owned banks and the Ministry of Finance to work to enact laws and the introduction of modernity, especially in banks government. “

Japinh of said committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri “The committee has invited the banks of the public and private sector and briefed on the activities of the past year and was in the forefront of seminars and set up Matmralt in London, Oman and Iraq.”

He stressed that “if I want the Iraqi economy develops, he said the implementation of the three requirements, including reform of the banks and insurance companies, and the second also cash management.”

He explained that he Yasiri “if taken Bodua workshop today and what has been discussed in which there will be follow-up of government agencies and the private sector and the banking system will evolve to the party that he was doing all the activities of economic and financial development of the country and therefore

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