Parliamentary bloc demanding the application of the law of customs tariff on all ports and all sectors with a time of one

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Baghdad: Euphrates News} called the National Bloc white, applying the law of customs tariff on all border crossing points, without exception, expressing the hope that it is applied well in one-on agricultural and industrial sectors and all business.

A spokesman for the bloc, Kadhim al-Shammari, said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it on Wednesday, “The application of the customs tariff law starting from this year, an important decision and The dimensions of an economic mission to support the local product and national industry after the failure that accompanied the local industry because of compete with foreign goods with cheap prices and poor quality to them.


” and added that “the implementation of the resolution should be to Ataatkrr the same mistakes the previous signed out through the application of the decision at all border crossings, including the port of Abraham in the Kurdistan region, because leaving the implementation of the resolution selectively backfire It would be the harm is greater than its utility through the recession of goods in ports all governorates of Iraq and the continued entry of outlets the region. ” said Shammari, “

we wish to apply the law to all sectors with a time of one and not the exception, some or applied gradually and the inclusion of all sectors of agricultural, industrial and commercial to this resolution in support of the product Local order to be a message of reassurance from the government to the investor and the farmer extent of government attention to developing those sectors in the country. ” and stressed

“the need to cooperate citizen with this decision to be implemented properly,” he said, adding that “the resentment some Satlashi over time with the growing sense of the difference is clear the quality of the product who will accompany certainly moderation in the prices of those products. ” The Cabinet decided in its regular Tuesday inclusion of material luxury only tariff and customs exception of food, agricultural and construction of them. M ended

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