MP Soliman: Chapter VII is a great burden on the State of Iraq and its economy

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01-06-2013 11:31 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Said MP/Kurdistan blocs Coalition Sherif Soliman, eject Iraq from Chapter VII in the coming period after the great progress in the ongoing negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait regarding the payment of debts and boundaries between them.

Solomon said (News Agency): Chapter VII imposed on Iraq by the United Nations since the 1990s and now is a great burden on the State and national economy in terms of offering Iraq for international pressure to be a perfect opening to the international community and the global economy.

He added: that Iraq has fulfilled its commitments to pay 41 billion dollars to Kuwait as war reparations Kuwait who paid for the Iraqi people as a result of the policy of the former regime in Iraq, noting that this amount is large and the impact on financial income that comes to Iraq annually.

Explained: the ongoing negotiations between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides give positive and concrete results in terms of agreed to repay debt and demarcation of the border in accordance with international regulations and legislation and thus would remove Iraq from Chapter VII, would have complete freedom to dispose of his property and build their economy.

The Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari Thursday off Iraq from Chapter VII final after full payment of the remaining compensation to Kuwait by the year 2015 (if paid through installments)

Iraq pays five percent of its oil revenues to Kuwait by United Nations compensation for damage to Kuwait by the Iraqi invasion of August 1990 to February 1991

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