More than 90% of foreign companies operating in Iraq will not be affected by military operations

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BAGHDAD / NINA / The economic analyst, Dergham Mohammed Ali said that more than 90 percent of foreign companies, operating in Iraq, will not be affected by military operations.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “the current security situation could affect the work of some foreign companies in Iraq, and this effect depends on the type of activity of these companies and places of work.”

He added, “The oil companies operating in southern Iraq will not be affected because the military operations are far from them now, and this position is linked, in one way or another, to the position of the embassies of foreign staff.” explaining that “some embassies may advise their staff to leave Iraq, without specifying their work areas. But the reports of those companies about the security situation determine staying and the number of staff and is most likely going to be ineffective on the work of the oil companies that continue to work normally amid securing the entire place of work, which is far away from any places of violence. ”

He continued, as for the other companies, operating in the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin, Nineveh and Kirkuk, they may start evacuating foreign staff, but the companies operating in Baghdad or near the capital, as is the case with the Korean company works in Basmayh, it looks firmer on the contracts and the continuation of the work to implement the residential project. And this applies to dozens of companies operating in the reconstruction sector, stressing, that the percentage of foreign companies work in Iraq indicate that more than 90 percent of foreign companies operating in Iraq will not be affected by the current military operations and will not reduce the presence of foreign staff. “/ End

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