Maliki calls for Parliament to speed up the ratification of the budget law

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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Wednesday, the parliament to speed up the ratification of the General Budget Law, as he expressed concern at the continuing controversy around it.

Maliki said in his weekly and pursued “obelisk” “I am happy to approve the retirement law submitted by the government and subjected to a lot of controversy,” noting that “the government wanted by law targeting the process of improving the lives of retirees who gave their age in the service of their country.”

He pointed out that “the law of retirement Added him is not part of, and this phenomenon wary of them because Mneksadtha serious,” following “should not take advantage of the law to put is not part of it and add stuff impede the process of implementation, and this happened in the pension law and prisoners Rafha and political prisoners.”

Maliki has demanded the parliament to “speed up the ratification of the budget bill for non-implementation of laws and retirement petro dollars and the rights of political prisoners without approval,” and expressed “concern at the continuing controversy around it.”

And on the corruption, Maliki said that “corruption is the other face of terrorism that kills people and destroys the country, and more recently has become a lot of citizens and employees collaborate and provide documents and evidence on corruption.”

He expressed his “gratitude to the head of the Integrity Commission and his deputy and all staff who showed courage and bravery in the decision-making no distinction between the accused,” he said, adding that “the government will deal firmly and strongly with corruption and the corrupt.”

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