Kurds are demanding to attend Sunday’s session of parliament and the presidency of the agreement amended the oil

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Stipulated that the Kurdistan Alliance bloc presence in the meeting of the Council of Representatives next Sunday the agreement of the Presidency of the Council on the agenda, including the budget for fiscal 2014. . It is said that due to discuss the budget and was the first reading in the parliament session Sunday amid continuing differences between the blocks around it, especially in relation to a share of the Kurdistan region. “. The head of the bloc Mohsen al-Sadoun: For the next session agenda is always regulated by the agreement of the Presidency of the Parliament, as stipulated in the rules of procedure and I think that next Sunday is supposed to be the chairman of the parliament in agreement and we as Kurds have a specific position and not in the budget. ” “.

He added that “our year of the budget is with the approval of both the provinces because they are necessary, but our position is specified and with the presence of substances in the budget violates the Constitution say he can not pass a budget or imposed on the Kurds in this way, therefore we ask the government to modify these materials relating to oil before going to agreed upon. ” “. He pointed to al-Sadoun, “We are not boycotting parliament boycott, but its budget when they are imposed on us presumably because it is not consistent with the Constitution and imposing figures when illegal or Garsahihh within budget, we reject it and ask that the government adjusts.” “. The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi has revealed on the third of March current claim Second Vice President Aref Tayfur, “which belongs to the Kurdistan Alliance,”

not to include the law of the financial budget in the parliament’s agenda, saying “the Second Deputy Speaker of the House did not agree to the introduction of the budget on the agenda and this Presidency of the Council as a body can not introduced without the approval of all members of the body responsible for that. “. The federal government has sent the draft budget for fiscal 2014 to the House of Representatives and stipulated where the Kurdistan region to export 400 000 barrels per day compared to the allocation of 17% of the fiscal budget, which was rejected by the province severely provoked a row with the centerا


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