Kurdistan: Baghdad is no longer insisting on supervision Sumo on oil exports

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Twilight News confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi parliament Sunday to make progress in the talks the federal government and the Kurdistan Region on the export of oil Kurdish. said a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Qassim Mohammed in an interview with “Twilight News”, that Baghdad is no longer insisting on the supervision of export of Iraqi oil “Sumo “State-owned export of Kurdistan. added that this position represents the beginning of a breakthrough crisis. Earlier today Reuters quoted Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani announcing some progress in the talks on the dispute of oil with the Kurdistan Region. concluded Kurdistan last year agreements with Turkey to export oil Kurdish via a new pipeline Imitdd to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean to sell in global markets. raised this evolution anger officials in Baghdad, who assert that the federal government is the only owner the right to manage energy resources of Iraq. conducted Baghdad and Erbil talks on Over the past few weeks to reach an understanding on the export of oil Kurdish stalled for more than a year due to disagreements over payments companies producing oil in Kurdistan. said Mohammed “Nwcr that there is progress in the field of dialogues with the federal government and the government’s concession for the supervision of the SOMO on the export of oil is a good step in breakthrough field of oil crisis. ” and pointed to submit a proposal for the formation of Baghdad, a national council to oversee the export of oil. He added that the two sides were continuing to communicate out of the crisis, the current oil. government said the region recently that oil began flowing in the pipeline and expected to start exporting at the end of last month and then strengthen supplies in February and March. however, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki threatened to cut the share of Kurdistan budget Finance for Iraq if it goes ahead with plans to export without the approval of Baghdad. already been included financial budget clause stipulating to deduct funds from the share of Kurdistan if not committed to deliver 400 thousand barrels per day of crude oil to the federal government in 2014. raised this paragraph in the budget, ministers refuse to Kurds who withdrew from the voting session on the budget in the Iraqi Council of Ministers. k c / p p



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