Kamal Saadi Arrested for Rigging the Iraqi Currency

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A security source said a patrol of the counter-terrorism force arrested at dawn yesterday, official protection of the deputy in the State of Law coalition Kamal Saadi and possession of money forged Iraqi,

said the source, who did not want to disclose the identity of the sensitivity of the situation that the phones of officials and influential quick release of fake, noting that the money that seized in his possession were confiscated,
and between the amount of money that was rigged and was supposed to be pumped into the market through state banks billion Iraqi dinars, pointing out that the money is from a class of ten thousand,
and accused a member of the Committee on the economy and investing in the House of Representatives Nora Salem


, political views unnamed rigging currency, and pumped into the market in order to breach the Iraqi economy, adding that the Iraqi currency counterfeit printed in neighboring countries, without revealing the identity of these countries.
in a related context recognizes a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri the existence of fraud in Iraqi currency, demanding who accuse political parties of involvement in fraud to disclose the names of those actors, in order to be placed under penalty of law.
, it stresses economic expert Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, the need to print currency with new specifications and better than its predecessor, which is printed in 2004, adding that the financial experts were counting on the decision to delete the zeros, of in order to change the specifications of the existing currency, especially as a reserve currency in the central bank does not offer cover enough of the Iraqi currency.
Meanwhile, the director of planning and financial management in the Ministry of Finance Hilal Taan that fraud does not represent a threat to the Iraqi currency, especially that Iraq has a reserve currency more than 76 billion dollars, and 30 tons of gold, and pointed out that the currency reliable to the extent that it is now trading at U.S. banks.

indicated that the observers would the economic stress the need to adopt policies that new cash in the Iraqi Central Bank, including that there will be cooperation between the central bank and private banks, In order to protect the currency from counterfeiting


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