ISX: trading volume during the week amounted to 3 billion and 800 million dinars

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Baghdad, December 21 (Rn) – The Iraqi Commission for Securities, said on Wednesday that the volume of trading amounted to 3 billion and 800 million dinars during the week.

The Executive Director reported to the Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), “The volume of trading during the day amounted to 3 billion and 800 million dinars during the week, which indicates the effectiveness of the Iraqi market for securities.”

Saadi added that “the volume of trading in the market, Iraq Stock Exchange will move upward through the next week because of the enthusiasm of investors to participate in market transactions.”

The Securities Commission of Iraq announced on the 28th of November last, “its intention to raise the volume of trading in the Iraqi market for securities to more than two billion Iraqi dinars,” adding that “the volume of trading in November last reached one billion and a quarter billion Iraqi dinars compared to one billion dinars during the month of October last. “

The Commission noted that “the events and holidays in Iraq reduced the index trading from 142 to 129″, noting that it “hopes to Rfhjm trading to its highest level in the coming days.”

She said, “Iraq’s progress on the countries of the region with respect to the size of its market in exchange for securities by 70%.”

And started the Iraq Stock Exchange initial preparations for membership of the global market for securities, also announced the “start working electronic filing system for investment companies, foreign and domestic, rather than filing paperwork.”

The Iraq Stock Exchange has started its activity in 2004, and shifted from manual trading to the use of e-dealing screens in 2009, where it will open for trading two hours a day five days a week.

The banking sector is the largest in the exchange, which also includes the shares of industrial companies and insurance companies, hotels and agricultural companies.

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