ISX trading announce more than 46 billion shares in February

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03/21/2012 – 09:51

Market announced the Iraq Stock Exchange, Wednesday, from trading in more than 46 billion shares valued at more than 81 billion dinars during the month of February, compared to January which is the total shares traded more than 24 billion shares.

And trading of the market during the month of February, 46 billion and 40 million shares of trading amounted to 81 billion and 738 million dinars, compared to January which is the total shares traded in which 24 billion and 473 million shares valued financial reached 41 billion and 186 million dinars, reaching No. of Companies 66 companies out of 87 companies listed electronically on the market.

Closed with the index in the first its opening for the month of February to 122.55 points, up by 0.73% for the last session of his month of January, while the index of stock market in the last session in February to 121.36 points, down 0.16% for its first sitting in the same month .

The contracts that were traded in the market investors 14 thousand and six decades compared to 11 thousand and 255 contract for the month of January, while the number of sessions the market for the month itself, 22 meetings and an average of five sessions per week.

The purchase of shares traded by non-Iraqi investors for the month of February amounted to seven million and 171 million shares at $ 13 billion and 865 million dinars, while the sale of shares traded 819 732 000 shares valued at one billion and 585 million dinars, as the implementation of the 1112 contract for the purchase and 626 contract for the sale of contracts executed.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi market for securities was established in June 2004, and was accredited by the manual trading, and in April 2009, adopted electronic trading in part by some companies, and is now trading electronically to companies registered in 2010, and traded in the market, 85 companies belonging to the seven sectors is the banking, industrial, hotel, tourism, agricultural, investment, insurance and services.

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