ISX: High indicators of the Iraqi market for securities in 2010

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Announced that the Iraqi market for securities, on Wednesday, the high indices during the year 2010 compared to last year’s indicators, pointing out that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with market Arbil StockExchange in order to activate the stock market and connect them with the Iraq Stock Exchange.

The executive director of the Iraqi market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The market witnessed a rise in the red zone during the year 2010 compared to last year, especially after turning the manual trading to electronic, which contributed to increase the number of market to become a day after it was three per week, as well as the sale of an investor’s shares during the short period of time. “

He said Abdul-Salam said “the number of sessions the market for 2010 of $ 236 a session, with circulation of more than 256 billion shares worth financial amounted to more than $ 339 million through the implementation of 71 thousand a decade, while the number of sessions last year, 152 meetings, where they were trading at about 211 billion shares valued at financial amounted to $ 307 million through the implementation of 49 000 contracts. “

The Abdel-Salam “The market is seeking over the next year to expand with other provinces through the holding of meetings, seminars and lectures to raise awareness of private investment in securities,” noting that it “occurred during the end of this month a memorandum of understanding with market Arbil Stock Exchange, which opened recently, where it will provide all supplies and supplements the technical, financial and legal to activate the stock exchange and connect them with the Iraq Stock Exchange of Securities. “

He noted the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities that he “was approved on three brokerage firms, bringing the number of brokerage firms in the market to 48 companies,” noting that it “will choose five companies, including during the next year.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi market for securities, which was established in June of 2004, relied on manual trading to turn to mail to some of his companies on April 19, 2009, but he turned fully in the year 2010, and traded in the market, 85 companies of the seven sectors of the banking sector, industrial and hotel and tourism and services, agricultural, investment and insurance.

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