Iraq’s full sovereignty of the day; Source: UNSC will confirm Iraq has fulfilled all obligations under CH VII

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27/06/2013 12:00 AM

Optimism master of the situation with the approach of Security Council vote on Iraq out of Chapter VII

few hours separating the announcement of the international community for historic event is more important for Iraq and the most prominent in the twenty-first century, the recognition by the state that does not threaten international peace and security, by directing from Chapter VII.

hopes Iraqis to declare the UN Security Council on Thursday at seven in the evening the country out of the provisions of this chapter after the recommendation of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a report submitted to the Security Council in which he said: “Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations.”

MPs spoke for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” about the importance of this step because of been dealing with Iraq as a lawless and deprived Iraqis enjoy wealth of their country over the past years, stressing the need to develop a plan and curriculum for the post after coming out of Chapter VII of the order upgrading of Iraq to refineries in developed countries.

Chapter VII is one of seventeen chapters constitute the UN Charter, and consists of (13) material is material from
39-51, and consists of the Charter as a whole of the (111) material, and authorizes this chapter the UN Security Council to use force against the state or states that threaten international peace and security, and enjoy the decisions that are issued on the basis of this chapter Balsafh mandatory, while the longer decisions Chapter VI recommendations is applicable. scheduled to reside Iraqis celebrations wide in several areas in Baghdad and the provinces to celebrate the disposal of international sanctions in If Security Council voted to bring out the country from the provisions of Chapter VII.

was the Legal Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives confirmed that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII will bring his legal status in the international community, to what it was before the Security Council resolution which was issued by the invasion of the dictatorial regime of the State of Kuwait, This means raising the tutelage of frozen Iraqi funds abroad, to return control of the will of Iraq’s wealth and his right to absolute act.

According to political sources informed, the decision of the Security Council will confirm that Iraq has fulfilled all its international obligations, and became the country does not threaten international peace and security, and that he would seek with Kuwait to end the dilemmas bilaterally, as well as continued international support for Iraq.

scheduled to vote council members 15 of the resolution, they are members Aldaúmeon: “the Russian Federation, China, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States,” and ten non-permanent members this year are: “Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Pakistan, Togo, Guatemala, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Luxembourg, Morocco.”

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