Iraqi government contract with a German company to issue smart card standard

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In an effort to shorten the routine in state institutions, the Iraqi government contract with a German company to issue smart card statements.
, in a move to shorten the routine happening in the state institutions and the dimensions of the manipulation of documents important and enhance security and ensure the functioning of the electoral process properly, contracted by the Iraqi government with the company German to issue smart card statements.
Nuri al-Maliki: In order to get rid of the planning of others based on the operations of a clear and specific, and in order to be elections more smoothly and safety and in order to be a general census of the population also comes sound, citing card uniform and in order to be all security measures undertaken by the security services and attempts to play on the state security by terrorists governed controls this card these purposes and tasks and others what Stantjh smart card unified national
Lama and Deputy Interior Ministry has among other features to handle this card, which will enable citizens relying aggregate them after the enactment of the will cancel all the archives of old.
Adnan al-Asadi senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior: now truckloads in the new legislation that repealed certificate of Iraqi nationality and card Civil Status and other identities as a whole and Istaaz by بالكارت civil and this kart civil not Tarafaa personally, but rather means the conditions of the person financial financial side along with property ownership car numbers phones then your card is the identity tariff for the person and for matters of personal for that person

and although the starting card statements may take some time, but the specialists praised enabled this step that will move the market to deal with foreign companies, the fact that this system is applicable in most countries of the world.

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