Iraqi funds in the United States will not go to creditors after the lifting of immunity

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committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri told / JD / economic: that there is a settlement agreement with the United States was approved by Parliament in 2011, to ensure Iraq after the UN mandate continued U.S. protection to Iraqi funds in the Development Fund for Iraq. Ruled Yasiri what was said about these the money will go to creditors after the lifting of immunity,

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asserting that U.S. President Barack Obama issued a decision to the protection of Iraq’s reserves in all banks in the world and of the Central Bank of Iraq. has been approved by the House of Representatives in 2011 on the Convention on the Settlement of claims for the protection of Iraqi assets deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) from lawsuits compensation in U.S. courts.

according to news agency dinars on the other hand assured the Parliamentary Finance6 Committee wary of raising U.S. protection for Iraqi funds deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq, while confirming that there is a settlement agreement approved by Parliament in 2011 to ensure the protection of those funds after the lifting of immunity. mentioned that Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt and the presence of the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Search in building the Iraqi Embassy United States of America in Washington, with the legal adviser to the Ministry of Finance of the Foundation Cleary Kutlb development of procedures that will protect Iraqi funds abroad and to be implemented by the Iraqi government after the end of the period of immunity in 22 / 5/2014.

was Net has ruled out extension of the international protection of Iraqi funds abroad, estimated at 180 billion dollars. , and pointed out that Iraq has the means capable of providing the necessary protection for his money and that the government is seeking to settle the entire debt obligations, according to the agreements signed in the Paris Club. The net debt that Iraq ended three and forty state while negotiations are under way to repay the debt to the rest of the eight countries on




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