Iraq: Private banks opens its arms to speculators

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A number of citizens expressed their resentment and complained of mistreatment by private banks them, especially the Bank of Dar es Salaam Investment, مبينين that these banks turned out to be (shops) for the sale of securities to speculators from small traders. Citizens said that large queues of speculators and black market traders stand at the doors of these banks to get large amounts of hard currency at the government through price of passports in order to sell them in the local market to make profits because of the large difference in the discharge process.

The citizens, who are clients of private banks, complained of mistreatment by guards and employees who have become part of the speculative process, where they are with the help of licensed traders pass through and comment transaction in exchange for money.

And violations of the Bank of Dar es Salaam Investment, revealed a number of customers of the bank and there are many irregularities including granting كارتات “A T M” that cost the customer sums that do not work outside the borders of Iraq, on the contrary, an agreement made in this regard. The bank’s clients that “the silence of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Financial Inspection Office and the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance and the Integrity Commission about these irregularities come according to the will of some political parties and blocs which dominate the corrupt things capabilities in the country.” Threatened to sue the bank charges of obstruction dealings and do not tasks of his powers and duties.

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