Iraq: Foreign Economic Relations Department organizes introductory course to WTO

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Department NewsThe Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Commerce seminar WTO and its agreements in the judicial Development Institute of the Supreme Judicial Council, the judge in the presence of Amir al-Shammari and a number of years and Alqdhahoualemdein staff
He said Tharwat Akram Salman, director of the World Trade Organization in the circle of economic relations that the aim of the seminar is to clarify the legal aspects of the World Trade Organization in its organizational structure and conventions and a brief history of the organization, functions and aspects of technical and economic effects that arise from the growth in the economies of member states.

Indicating that the understanding of proper legal will be the foundation upon which to build upon all the obligations of Iraq future in the case of joining the World Trade Organization the fact that all files to be completed by Iraq of file trade in goods and file trade in services and file intellectual property and file legislation depends entirely on the legislation and the laws of Iraq window must be compatible with the WTO agreements.

For his part, gave Musab Osama Mohammed, Director of the Division of legislation and laws in the Department of the World Trade Organization a detailed explanation on the subject of the settlement of disputes under the World Trade Organization said it that under the establishment of the WTO has been the adoption of a memorandum of understanding for the materials and procedures governing the settlement of disputes like the rest of the agreements and memos that govern the work of the World Trade Organization, noting that the establishment of a dispute settlement is one of the most important organs which contain the main World Trade Organization, which was entrusted with the task of applying the rules and procedures as well as consultations and dispute settlement provisions contained in the agreements
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