Iraq elections: Maliki’s coalition won

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No surprise victory for State of Law bloc and its allies an overwhelming parliamentary majority. With but 93 seats in the Council, you need to alliance with other forces to form a government. Coalition Egypt to repeat Maliki and the Shiite House rejected until now. coalition of state law, Egypt to be Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister for the third time, and the Liberal bloc (chest), and the citizen (Hakim) and most of the Shiite forces other rejects this, also rejected by Sunni forces big and rejected Kurds.

In the 2010 election, he got like this, and announced mass Supreme Islamic Council and the Sadr bloc rejected for a second term of the owners, at the last minute changed its position and announced its alliance with him. Is it happening like this again? But did not agree Almatlfon and entered Iraq in a political crisis, fears remain that Itakerrzlk, and keep the government and parliament Matlten, as is the case with the government and the parliament, which ended with just their mandate.

A winning coalition of state law, a shock to many, they think that the round of new elections will lead new powers to the parliament and the government, but the balance was not disturbed, and the results were a repeat of the scene.
, some analysts say that the Iraqi street, quite satisfied with the situation in the country, standard of living is very high compared to what it was in years, the economic blockade difficult, and income levels also increased rates fictional, and the media has provided an area of great freedom allowed for all to criticize the highest level in the state, which was a dream in the era of Saddam Hussein, as well as the freedom to travel and freedom of the Declaration of opinion, all of these are great achievements recorded the change experienced by Iraq after 2003, but it is still difficult for Iraq distance to reach the beach stability and building a civil state sober. Mithal al-Alusi, won with the other candidates to represent the Civic Democratic Alliance. ‘ The existence of the will of the voter, and the will of the people who were elected, it would be fraud difficult ‘ election results announced (May 19 / May 2014) is less than 3 weeks of testimony of the voters cast their ballots, a record time is very fast compared to what happened in previous elections, has attributed the analyst politician and writer Karim Badr in his interview with the magazine from DW Iraq today, this comes to the use of the Electoral Commission modern electronic mechanisms, facilitated and accelerated to a large extent operations counting of votes.

He also drew superiority Shiite critical eyes of observers, attributing Karim Badr to ‘the current situation in Iraq, where Muslims, including that the component of the Kurdish vote for the candidate of the Kurdish and Sunni component of the candidate Sunni, and component Shiite will make its votes for candidates Shiites and since they are the majority, the result is clear. ”
dwindled in elections, accusations of fraud, reportedly Karim Badr, however, stated that there accusations raised from large blocks and senior leaders, but mostly were charged local in nature ‘and the presence of the voter’s will, and the will of the people who were elected, it would be difficult to falsify it, (for example) one of the House of Representatives in the city of Rumaitha people doubt the existence of fraud in the vote for him, so I went out armed demonstrations demanding to rectify the situation. ‘ army and police forces protected the voting centers, the underwriting of attacks targeting the voters. ‘ It is not necessary to be al-Maliki as prime minister ‘ most contacts listeners, confirmed that it will lead the government again is Nouri al-Maliki, which can be regarded as a kind of consensus random taken from the street, but the listener d. Ali went but it ‘is not necessary that be al-Maliki as prime minister ‘.

Not err observer that the Maliki government is still to this day without ministers of defense and internal security, and therefore the concerns will continue to repeat the experiment with the new government, especially as the competition has become tougher at the moment, and I take it Badr that this is part of the tax distrust between the political blocs ‘So when the state law raised the slogan’ political majority ‘I was a supporter of this slogan’. The writer went on to say Karim Badr ‘The parties to the national partnership are delayed and obstructed the formation of the government, because all the names they proposed was a Baathist or corrupt’.

It is said that Iran is resolved in the previous time the dispute Shiite Shiite about al-Maliki, and some expect to appear at the last moment such an impact this time, too, and so he went Karim Badr, pointing out that Iran’s influence out of the question, but it certainly will not be decisive, and went on to say that imbalance in the Shiite alliance itself today ‘and in the intra-Shiite earned break may delay everything and delay building the homeland. ”
But alliances last minute, the Kurds and the citizen and the Liberals and the year against the rule of law, could disrupt the formation of the government and disrupt the whole situation, and so he went Badr, pointing out that Such an alliance could happen crack in the political reality can not be repaired ‘In fact, the Iraqi moves axioms no one could come out until now’, pointing out that these postulates ensure the continuation of the existing division, which includes the components of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and concluded by saying ‘political movement based now targeting the dismantling of the block Shia ‘.


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