Iraq BAGHDAD – We call on developed countries to invest in Iraq

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Industry seeks to promote textile products Hammoud: We call on developed countries to invest in Iraq BAGHDAD – time confirmed the administrative agent of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Mackie wondrous Hammoud during an inspection visit to the company’s factories for Textile Industries, a subsidiary of the ministry (the need to improve the productive activities of this company and attention to legal and administrative aspects, identifying the real reasons that led to its failure to achieve profits). He said in a statement received (time) yesterdaythat (the general situation in the country and disrupt the work of some important laws such as the protection of the local product and customs tariffs led to the deterioration of the case of the domestic industry

and a weak competitor in the domestic marketand that it is important to prepare a comprehensive and detailed report on the reality of these plants for the purpose of Displayed in front of higher authorities) said in his visit lab men’s clothing in the province of Najaf that (a laboratory successful and empowered, sophisticated and has the capability and capacity to meet the needs of the defense and interior ministries of allowances of various military and the quantities and the required specifications, but it suffers from a weakness in the marketing of its products because of the lack of cooperation of those ministries at the conclusion of supply contracts and resorting to import hard currency) calling (state ministries and departments of the public sector to secure all of its various products,


the General Company for Textile Industries, including allowances and military helmet and shield). praised Hammoud while inspecting a textile factory Hilla products lab medical need and the Ministry of Health in throughout Iraq, including cotton wool and plaster and gauze medical in addition to the product of plastic bags woven and private Ptaibh phosphate fertilizers, urea and flour, as well as packing bags of waste as well as the production of fabrics developed) stressing (the need for cooperation between state institutions and the Ministry of Industry to buy the products varied with good properties and costs of appropriate support, including the industry and the national economy). The statement continued that Hammoud visited a textile factory Diwaniyah being located in an area famous for the cultivation of cotton, where the plant receives about 660 tons of cotton cast for the production of card 40 million meters / year in addition to the operation of labor and the reduction of unemployment in the province and consists of sections spinning and preparations for an area of 31 thousand square meters, weaving and

preparations for an area of 37 000 square meters and the Department of completions and has up to 1536 machine only for tissue section in addition to machines other sections where it is an industrial city in itself.) The statement stressed that (Hammoud met during his tour of the factory experts Italians specialists to carry out a trial run of the plant output disposable diapers where stressed that Iraq is an important country at all levels of economic, industrial, and he is seeking to cooperate with all developed countries to establish investment projects to strengthen the national economy), wishing (entry of international companies for the domestic market and investment in all areas of industrial, agricultural, commercial, etc.).

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