Iraq and the journey it took to full soverignty

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27/06/2013 12:00 AM

right of the UN Security Council, according to the penal system of legal disposable and decision has; make critical decisions include penalties for procedural nature against any country threatens regional and international peace, and this is what happened to Iraq during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and the assault on its sovereignty and threatened the stability of the entire region and formed a serious threat to international peace, has initiated the Security Council as an authority international derives its legitimacy from the Charter of the United Nations to enter Iraq under sanctions Chapter VII under Resolution No. (678) for the year (1990), which allowed the UN resolution using armed force to expel Iraq from Kuwait, according as stated by the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

, and pursuant to Article 39 of the Charter, which consists of (13) Material begin to Article (39) and ending with article (51). has been put Iraq under Chapter VII of the following reasons: 1 threat to international peace and security.

2 aggression against Kuwait.

The procedures of Chapter VII taken against Iraq, which fell into under resolution 678 of the Security Council has included a series of economic sanctions, political and security of the following:

1 – allowing the use of military force to expel Iraq from Kuwait, and has already been Directed by the Iraqi army from Kuwait by the international force allied

2 – allowing the use of military force when the emergence of any threat to Iraq to international peace and security, meaning that Iraq to this day does not have sovereignty and international immunity, it is the right of the UN Security Council to instruct the international community to deter Iraq’s use of force Once the threat to international security.

3 off links Iraq with the outside world and imposing cut its links economic and of rail, sea, air, postal, telegraphic, radio and other means of transportation, complete or partial, and the death penalty deprived Iraq as the exercise of the activities of the task with the outside world Vtm disable economically and politically during an international embargo on its sovereignty.

4 severing diplomatic relations with Iraq from Kuwait.

5 deprive Iraq of its sovereignty over its bounty and its oil exports where it became the disposal of the United Nations in the resolution (oil for food).

6 deduct part of the resources of Iraq for the benefit of Compensation countries affected by Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, where he was to freeze a large part of his money, and was fined committed Iraq paid to the State of Kuwait in compensation for what caused the damage to the infrastructure of Kuwait and annexed to the damage of its sovereignty.

the nature of the sanctions, Chapter VII, which sapped Iraq economically through 23 years ago, so since 2003, and even our year current active Iraqi Foreign Ministry to remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII, through the commitment to implement what has been imposed from the procedures, including the payment of compensation to the State of Kuwait and has already initiated Iraq to pay compensation, which was left with only one dozen billion dollars, The Iraqi government has also taken practical steps and measures to dispel fears Kuwaiti and to strengthen and promote the building of trust between Iraq and Kuwait.

Notably the payment of debts and compensation and re-archive and Kuwaiti property, audio and visual, missing persons and to encourage Kuwaiti investments in Iraq and mutual cooperation in the areas of development and scientific and commercial, and re-demarcation of the border between the two countries has strengthened these procedures political rapprochement between Iraq and Kuwait, to pave the way for building a balanced relationship and strong between them, relations based of goodwill and respect for mutual interests and cooperation in various fields and the consolidation of peace and security in the Arab region.

The relentless pursuit by Iraq and Kuwait turn the page on relations tense between them and affected penalties Chapter VII comes within the framework of establishing a new diplomatic and strong relationships make the two brotherly countries free from any obstacles or problems cause straining the atmosphere between them is obvious that a convergence Iraqi Kuwaiti gradient has strengthened the bonds of trust between the two governments and peoples, and the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait last of Iraq are in such a course, but confirms Iraq as it would not be a concern for frightening his neighbors after today as long as committed to comply with UN resolutions International, will be a neighbor scary Kuwait after the dissolving of the iceberg between the two countries, because the ways to strengthen bilateral relations have become a legislator’s commitment to Iraq’s full to the principles of international peace and regional levels, be sure to Iraq as having fulfilled many of its obligations will be the day out of the provisions of Chapter VII and entered into the provisions of Chapter VI, which includes negotiations with regional parties, including Kuwait and under the supervision of the Security Council to restore Iraq’s full sovereignty and strengthen the confidence of Kuwait him and trust of all its neighboring countries because the provisions of Chapter VII not linked to what happened to Kuwait from injustice and exceeded only, but also linked to the threat of serious countries in the region Iraq’s neighbors.

But activating the mechanisms for the transfer of files Iraq from Chapter VII to Chapter VI Iraq will regain a large part of the their knockout external sovereignty.

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