Iraq and Romania sign four memorandum of understanding for the development of infrastructure

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signed Iraq and Romania, in Bucharest four memorandums of understanding to develop the infrastructure of the Iraqi governorates and rehabilitation of companies, institutions and ministries of industry, agriculture, health and Provincial Affairs.
came in a statement issued yesterday, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq, and received “morning”, a copy of it, that “Iraq and Romania signed in the capital, Bucharest four memorandums of understanding for the development and rehabilitation of companies, institutions and ministries of industry, agriculture, health and the affairs of the provinces.”
the statement said, “the first note was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and his Romanian counterpart Marcha Dousha which relate to the development of the infrastructure of the Iraqi governorates and expand cooperation frameworks between the two sides in the fields of rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the cities and districts, counties and comfort of a number of provinces and cities of Iraq with the provinces and cities of Romania. ”
the statement pointed out that “the ministers of health Majeed Hamad Amin Agriculture Izz al-Din State and Industry Ahmad Karbouli, and signed memoranda of understanding with their counterparts Minister Romanians are concerned expand cooperation frameworks and exchange of experiences and delegations and the establishment of investment projects and ways to take advantage of the Romanian experience in these areas. ”
the statement continued that “the press conference between al-Mutlaq and Dousha held after the signing of those notes have been through a focus on the future of economic and political relations between the two countries and ways of developing them to serve the interest of Baghdad and Bucharest, and the importance of taking steps subsequent to the signing of contracts between ministries, companies and profiles of them. ” Mutlaq said, according to the statement, that “the relationship between Baghdad and Romania extends to more than fifty years,” noting that “the Romanian companies have a good experience to work in Iraq as the Iraqi ministries and institutions has been to declare its calls for the side Roman investment and the signing of contracts and the establishment of joint ventures in the capital Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces. ”
said Mutlaq, said that “Iraq has a wealth of raw materials and has a serious desire to develop the Iraqi public sector in the areas of industrial, agricultural, health and service not to mention the political file, which has seen a positive development over the decades of the good relationship between the two countries.”
and called for al-Mutlaq to ” make serious efforts towards closer relations with Bucharest in line with the aspirations of Iraq to establish balanced relations with various countries of the world, “advance” thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the Iraqi embassies in Bucharest, Romania in Baghdad to achieve this feat economic and political. ” For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Roman, according to the statement, for “happiness and his government to visit the Iraqi delegation and meeting Palmtalk hoping for more cooperation and translation MoUs to investment contracts and architectural interest of the two friendly peoples.”
and attended the signing ceremony and meetings large gathering of ministers Romanians and cabinet members and advisers As represented by the Iraqi side, Reps. Haider Mulla and Nada Jubouri and head of the advisers in the prime minister Thamer Ghadhban and Chancellor Quraish short and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing in addition to the head of Iraqi Business Council and the ambassadors of Iraq and Romania accredited two age Alborznge and Jakob Prada

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