Investment experience in Iraq in 2014

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occupied investment theme looms large in the concerns of experts and stakeholders, and since its inception after the year 2003, with no highlights its importance in Economic Dictionary of Iraq before the change is not a sense or concept but in his appearance as a pilot experiment accompanied by winds of change.


we can say for sure that he was born in the broad sense defined since passing a law Alastosmarno. 13 of 2006, which became a legal framework defines the concepts and mechanisms of action whereby but this birth Awaltejrebh so to speak passed rough time that he settled the case on what Huallah at the present time and that is the weakest of faith.
has seen seven years after pleading chaos in the ways of dealing with the Law also faced objections of many of its incompatibility with the requirements of the transition to a market economy, and led those objections to holding several amendments have improved his image in front of investors and was close to the aspirations and Obdrjat degrees., we find that these contradictions are very normal for Apple important in order to correct the path, but the closer the law of perfection escalated challenges to its implementation, which Issaraha until this moment, however, we can say it is one of the axioms that must be accepted and benefit from the results on the road to achieve the goal and Hunjah law in response to the requirements phase in the construction and reconstruction and development.


most prominent challenges were in the nature of laws and new legislation that accompanied the law in it you can not the ability to edit the tendency of the old laws obsolete and contradictory and entirely at odds with the content of the investment and its law was the real cause of corruption for as long as available flexibility to tailor laws to taste and measure officials, but the disability is not that reason alone but there are others who are not corrupt, but their experience and performance weak to the extent that makes the reasoning in the interpretation of laws inaccurate leads to obstruct implementation. there is no doubt that the efforts made by the National Investment Commission, and its in all the provinces were close to the ambition of exposure are other challenges politically difficult no room to mention here, which is beyond our competence defined economically, say efforts have a good effect in marketing investment and attract investors, despite a collision with some departments underdeveloped that cause obstruction success Ahiannaolkn required to raise capacity to overcome these constraints powers the latest., and when assessing the performance of the investment disqualify citizens blamed on those in charge of the investment but the Observer Orbiter and see the picture clearly sharper than they are not the reason In late-onset projects but those big challenges behind her yet they bear part of the failure, and this talk is not for all but for the weak of them in the management of their investment portfolios. thus permission is clear image and the real experience of investing in Iraq, but we are at the beginning of the year 2014,

what is required To overcome these challenges? Yes, there are important amendments Sttroaly investment law, according to the last statement of the President of the National Investment Commission the end of last year related to the benefits of extra interest to investment and investors and is capable, according to al-Araji, encouraging companies and attracted to invest in Iraq and the desired sustain the momentum to activate the law and the exclusion of everything intersects with him. Hope to see a new year to devote investment culture among officials at various levels, especially those who are in contact with the investment and realize the meaning of investment and build their country and the reconstruction and development as the body, preserved its mission to create and attract investors and failure records departments because they are concerned to determine the need for projects and not in defense of the bodies.

and on the eve of elections close waits Citizen them to enjoy the wealth of the country and enjoy the services of a high-level worthy of Iraq and its potential, its people and its place among the nations, sum up to say that the Iraqi experience this I want to have a test and here goes beyond the challenges gradually and it may be that the new year in a bid impact and the best bumper on the road to development and prosperity.


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