Instead of exported .. Iraq imports electricity from Iran

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Iran agreed to the request of Iraq by providing electricity card

Said Assistant Secretary of Iran’s energy and electricity هوشنغ Vlahtian in a press statement that “Iraq has recently submitted a request to increase electric power imported from Iran, by 500 MW, and that Iran had agreed in principle to this request.”

The statement came Iranian official Iraq’s request to increase electric power imported from Iran on this day, which announced the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity in an official statement, “became the Ministry’s capacity surplus reached the limits of 1500mm] MW, units obstetric been amortized, not our need for it at the present time” .

The Iranian official added that “Iran’s exports of electric power takes place in the framework of protocols and contracts between Iran and neighboring countries, so the issue of exchange of electricity, export and import of electricity is based on the contracts.”

And about the existence of financial debts on Iraq to Iran on the export of electrical power, the Iranian official said, “Fortunately, no serious financial problem with respect to the price of electricity exported to neighboring countries, and that this issue goes بمساره normal and natural.”

The Vlahtian added that “Iraq, as well as the size of the electrical energy that items imported, submitted a request to increase this volume of about 500 MW, Iran has agreed in principle to this request, hoping to complete this contract during future meetings so that we can provide this demand.”

Iraq has been weeks since a marked improvement in the level of production of electrical energy, which is reflected in the increase to provide citizens with a few hours of electricity, and reduce the hours of their pieces, while the Ministry of Electricity announced that the production of the national electricity system has reached 11 thousand megawatts at present.

It also announced the Ministry of Electricity processing citizens powered electricity in the coming winter months continuously without interruption

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