Expectations of an increase of non-oil revenues by 32 percent

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Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi
At the time predicted by the Ministry of Planning to see the revenue derived from the productive sectors of the non-oil increase 32 percent by 2017, show the need to reconsider the issue of the financial allocations to ministries and economic legislation in order to achieve better performance of the national economy and reduce dependence on oil as the sole source of the budget where accounts for 95 percent of them. saw a specialist to increase the financial allocations to the ministries concerned does not significantly affect the

development of the productive sectors as much as it affects the legislation of laws and take a series of economic reforms, while disagreed specialist another saying that to increase allocations big impact in developed the condition and existence of controls on dispensing. In this regard called economic Dr Majid Baidhani those in charge of the economic sector in Iraq to the development of the productive sectors of the non-oil through the allocation of a greater portion of the oil revenues to support industry, agriculture and other productive sectors in the country. added Baidhani told ( morning): “The proportion of revenue derived from the mentioned sectors did not match the potential of Iraq’s natural and human resources with an increase of only 5 percent,

while the proportion of the budget revenues from oil of 95 percent is reason to reconsider the increase of financial allocations for ministries to develop performance and activation of important sectors such as industry, agriculture, tourism and other “, adding that” the increase allocations her will Feasibility provided there is effective control over how it was spent in all that would improve their performance. “For his part, said economist Dr Ali Anbure:” We must take a series of legislative reforms and enact a package of laws Economic consistent with what is going through the country to achieve comprehensive development in all sectors. “

he said in a statement to the (morning):” The increase of financial allocations to ministries does not affect much in the development of the reality of the productive sectors of the non-oil as much as it affects the implementation of laws and the correct procedures, “noting “Since years, Iraq is witnessing increases mounting in the amounts of oil revenues offset contained clear in the sectors of industry and agriculture, as well as the deterioration of the energy sector, which if witnessed stable reflected on the rest of the sectors directly.”


and stressed that “the absence of the economic vision clear and limited scope of governance and labor laws old has also impacted significantly as well as financial and administrative corruption in the lack of development of the productive sectors of the non-oil is devoted to the dominance of the oil sector for budget resources. “to that indicated the Ministry of Planning to the financial revenues derived from non-oil sectors will see an increase by 32 percent by 2017 from what is it now, as of 7 trillion dinars since the year 2013.


According to the ministry, it is also hoped that the high ratio to 9 trillion dinars in 2017, but this increase will remain in the low total against an increase in revenue from the oil sectors. He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi told a news briefing: “The expectations within the five-year plan developed by the Ministry of Planning indicate that the bulk of the financial revenue derived from oil sectors by 95 percent of the total revenue for the time being, while the revenue of other sectors such as tourism, agriculture and industry, there are Efforts within the plan adopted by the ministry in 2011


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