Iraq is now eligible to enter the World Trade Organization

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increased the votes to claim Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, as part of the phase transformation to the capitalist system and its openness. And fulfill its obligations to the international community made by the same signing of the Charter of the International Covenant.

since said economic analyst Abbas Ghalibi that the economic environment in Iraq are not eligible for entry into the WTO because of the laws that governed which does not keep pace with the evolution of the global economy.

added Ghalibi in a press statement: “The Iraq is not qualified now to enter the World Trade Organization because of its transformation into what is known as a market economy, despite the positive effects that may affect the economy in Iraq if it were to enter the WTO, and that the government has taken a number of measures and controls that facilitate the way for it to enter to the WTO, including the enactment of important laws contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy. ”

and pointed out that “these laws to combat unemployment in Iraq, as well as the fight against inflation, which hit the Iraqi economy during the past period, and to work on the development of the private sector, which could indicate all these reforms that Iraq began to turn into a market economy, which Stahlh to enter the World Trade Organization. ”

and between Ghalibi, “he must find a favorable environment for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, especially since Iraq observer member in this organization, and that all the current circumstances serve Iraq to join but after it is activated all the laws that will be the first to contribute to the activation of its economy and make it parallel to the global economy. ”

For his part, the economic analyst Zuhair al-Hassani, said that “Iraq’s accession to the WTO will be a weapon, which is struggling by the shoddy goods to enter Iraq.” Hassani said in a press statement: “The Iraqi constitution provides for the development of the private sector, which can not be done only with the help of global investment, and therefore, the survival of Iraq outside the WTO will deprive us of the entry of foreign investment for the development of the Iraqi economy, and that Iraq can not be closes on itself because the infrastructure experienced by Iraq in the past were built by companies sober and because of the passage of time it became Mthrih. “and” The Iraqi market is open on all sides, and this thing has caused the entry of goods bad of all States, which is not able to Iraq to take any action on these goods entering for its domestic market , so Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization gives us the right to fight flooding the Iraqi market goods shoddy through regulatory agencies created by the organization in all countries of the world. “and pointed out that” Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, which is an observer member which is carried out through reforms economic through the activation of a number of laws to combat unemployment and to combat inflation in the Iraqi economy and work on the development of the private sector. ” And between, that “Iraq’s accession to this organization is likely to bring some advantages such as opening international markets to Iraq and to attract foreign investment and integration with the global economy as well as the opening up front capital and integration with global financial markets.”

as she analyzed the economic peace Sumaisem, that “Iraq’s accession to the WTO will facilitate the integration of Iraq into the global market. ” She Sumaisem in a press statement: “The Iraq’s accession to the WTO will help Iraq to create links with global destinations and major companies could have to create an investment climate for these companies to come to Iraq for investment and the productivity of the base configuration.” She pointed out that “Iraq does not have laws or legal environment in order to join the World Trade Organization, and that these laws are not eligible in order to make Iraq transformed to a market economy, which contain several features the first of which is to join the WTO agreement, which runs Iraq observer member out . “It showed, that” if he wants Iraq to join the World Trade Organization that it seeks to improve the status of the economy and change the laws that will turn Iraq into a market economy. ”

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