Economist reduces the possibility of Iraq affected by the transfer of some capital abroad

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an economist, on Saturday, the possibility of being influenced by the Iraqi economy and the banking sector to withdraw some of the owners of capital and deposits and convert them into banks, neighboring countries and the Kurdistan region, stressing that the money does not constitute a significant proportion in relation to the value of assets in the Iraqi banks .
The economist said Dergham Mohammed Ali told / to Baghdadi News / “The feet of some merchants and citizens to pull their money out of Iraqi banks for emergency conditions and an increase in terrorist attacks poses no significant impact on the Iraqi economy, the current time”, adding that “the value of deposits in Iraqi banks to weaken what has been withdrawn from them. ”
He added that “most of the heads of money leaving Iraq are investing in the field of trade and the sector does not constitute the largest proportion in the size of the Iraqi economy, in contrast to other sectors that could be affected by the withdrawal of these deposits such as the industrial, which would lose some of its investors, which may lead to the occurrence of Unemployment in the ranks of its employees, as well as the banking sector, which will lose some of its capital and the money can be compensated in the event of approval of the draft federal budget. ”
He pointed out that “a lot of this money has been transferred place inside Iraqi banks only to safe places like South Iraq and therefore do not reduce the value of assets in the Iraqi banks either of those going to the outside, it will revert to him in products and commodities Estelkha Iraqi citizen.”
He concluded by saying that “the existence of large investment companies operating in Iraq, an indication of the Iraqi economy is not affected by the withdrawal of the money.” Ended up 21 /


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