Deputy for the “Iraqi”: al-Maliki ordered the protection of foreign companies and they respect the privacy of the region

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The member of the Iraqi List, Wednesday, companies operating in Iraq to respect the privacy and feelings of the region, stressing at the same time that the attack on the British engineer is not true, it is supposed to accommodate Islamic morality.

The MP said Qusay al-Abadi, told the “Awan”, that “the foreign companies operating in Iraq to appreciate and respect the feelings of the region in which it operates and privacy,” adding that “the act done by one of the engineers of British unacceptable, and that the disposition contrast was incorrect Also, it was supposed to be absorbed status of Islamic Bokhalaguena, and it must have been a natural response and is not in this form that we saw. ”

He called Abadi to “consider the interests of a grand interest of Islam, What they show the Islamic message to the world, unity and tolerance, although the behavior of Engineer rejected, but he was supposed to be our position last up to highlight the spirit of Islam the real world.”

And reactions to foreign companies operating in Iraq, and what can be generated by this attitude of the impact on the economy of the country, sees al-Abadi, a member of the Economic Commission representative, “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has taken action to provide protection for these companies,” noting that “what happened The individual case can occur in all countries of the world, and can cause بقطيعة, I do not think that it has a payoff on Iraq’s relationship with these companies. maybe there will be a reaction to a day or two, but in general there are common interests linking companies in Iraq, nor Adhan Ban This would threaten their survival in Iraq.

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