Defense Committee Member calls for re-armament of weapons factories after exiting Chapter VII

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The member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary appearance Janabi, to take advantage of the opportunity to exit Iraq from the international sanctions of Chapter VII re-energies in the production of weapons to achieve self-sufficiency of them.

It is scheduled to vote on the UN Security Council on Thursday on a draft resolution to lift the international sanctions Mufrodhaly Iraq under Chapter VII.

And Janabi said in a press statement on Thursday that “every industry for any country to benefit him and his sons and reduced expenses of import, especially if the task is quite pricey, Iraq has experience and competencies in the manufacture of weapons, including light and goats and could bring the industry to achieve its self of them after his release from the provisions of Chapter VII. “

He added that “Iraq has the money, skills and energies of good field of manufacturing weapons, it is possible to rebuild and rehabilitate our own factories so or create factories military linked to the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Industry, especially with the presence of workers in this field and distributors in ministries outside their jurisdiction.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon will review the report and recommendations of Bayeva Iraq in Altazamth international, especially in resolving the outstanding issues with Kuwait in the Security Council session International which will be held on Thursday, which will be asked to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and the international sanctions imposed thereunder.

It is said that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII would make him able to manage his money without international trusteeship would also allow him to return to normal in the international community in terms of processing, especially health equipment and manufacturing, especially military weapons and light, medium and heavy, except banned internationally.

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