Chalabi: Iran’s role in Iraq, Ashraf at the end and the Arabs to change their aggressive approach

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Chalabi called on Arab states to change the approach on the ground with respect to their relationship with Iraq, reminding the Arabs that Iraq will be your big daddy and economic cooperation in all fields

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Expect Ahmad Chalabi role regionally onwards to Iraq in the next phase, adding that “Iraq can send signals influence rising, especially since he has the papers of many, can maneuver regionally.
said Chalabi in the Code of him on حائطه digital “Facebook” , pursued “obelisk,” that there is “an approach hostile sustained some Arab brothers under the pretext of Iranian interference.”
He added saying, “Iran’s role in Iraq, Ashraf at the end, for this we want to be your role without this role.”
and called Chalabi Arab states to change approach on the ground with respect to their relationship with Iraq, reminding the Arabs that Iraq “would be a big daddy you in economic cooperation and in all fields.”
to that warned activist digital Asaad star, of begging the Arab countries with regard to strengthening its relations with Iraq.
called academic Jamal al-Tai to “adopt views Chalabi in this regard. ”
In an interview with “obelisk,” said journalist and political writer Adnan grace Salman that he “can not be for Iraq to get rid of paying the bill attraction Regional and its influence on inside Iraq unless it enjoys political leadership and economic independence of the national decision-making.”
He said Tariq Hussein, said that “the Iraqi market spilled his saliva largest countries, and this paper is alone enough to survive if playing Iraq well.”
But blogger Faleh Ajil considered that “neighboring countries, especially in the Gulf do not want to take Iraq’s natural role and regional levels in the region, they stand on the antibody him in many positions. ”
but Rahim slave saw that “on Iraq to pursue a policy of reciprocity, and meet violence with violence.”

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