CBI studying the possibility of adopting a global licenses for the development of the banking sector

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Iraq Business Directory – 05/26/2013 – 6:22 pm

Iraqi Central Bank stressed the need to adopt advanced banking systems Genuine license from international companies internationally accredited contribute to activating the domestic banking activity came during the economic conference organized by Microsoft in collaboration with the Central Bank.

Amer Faisal Shaher director of information technology at the central bank said in an interview with (morning) to the importance of the advancement of the sector banks through the adoption of advanced systems, especially that our plans include the adoption of technologies advanced banking as the best and be all systems according to the licenses of the companies original producer of these regimes.

adding that the central bank Usher importance of this conference embarking to care and workshops with Microsoft Corporation mechanics of adoption licenses original guaranteed that contribute to the development of the domestic banking sector and reduce the gap between our sector bank and banks in the world through the adoption of electronic systems integrated obviate the need for paper in the future.

also contribute licenses original art at ease dealing with global banks and their subsidiaries that develop future in Iraq because regulations comparable or same as the previous regimes supported locally, especially that many global banks realize the importance of working in Iraq and the presence within the field of the local economy. He continued, saying comes this forum as a result of close cooperation between the CBI and the Federation of Iraqi private banks with Microsoft and palm leaves, and highlighted Microsoft’s commitment to provide permanent support for this sector, and this is a big step entered with technology a key factor in the Iraqi institutions and the banking sector in particular.

But Firas al-Obeidi, business manager of Microsoft Corporation in Iraq, he said that the company produces windows Systems and الاوفس used in Iraq, pointing to the company’s own sophisticated systems in the banking sector raised at this conference that will promote banking work from paper to electronic integrated. He pointed out that the focus on the adoption of licenses original that provide protection techniques and banking systems adopted by the banks, pointing to the attention of the Central Bank, including subtracting from technologies advanced banking building banker who hoped to enter licenses Genuine to Iraq through a company Juraid agent Micosowic world. He noted that the stages of the adoption of these systems require several steps, including cooperation agreements with banks is available from which the original licenses for the advancement of banking products and then provide technical consultancy and technical building systems.

This forum also aims to clarify the benefits of programs and applications Microsoft’s company to build and develop the work of the banking institutions in addition to the technical value gained by banks through the use of programs that are proper and safe and licensed to reduce the problems that disrupt the work of banks as a result of the use of pirated software. As well as the development of the scientific and informational cadres banking and upgrade them through the provision of banking services, modern and safe for customers facilitate their banking daily.

Said Amin Nizamuddin pigment CEO of palm leaves, that technological progress has become one of the major factors for growth in the banking sector for this now focus with Microsoft on how to develop the Iraqi banking systems to conform with the technological developments in the region to provide services in accordance with the wishes of the customer. And our constant endeavor to build a genuine partnership with banking institutions to تزوديهم all and consulting services that elevate the work of banks and enable them to serve their customers better relying on international electronic service standards.

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