CBI Governor: Iraq’s economic future will surprise his friends; Since CH VII, Iraq is open to all competitors wanting to invest in Iraq

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Turki: You must open the Iraqi market after the departure of Chapter VII

Confirmed Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki, Sunday, Iraq’s economic future will surprise friends, noting that after coming out of Chapter VII must be the Iraqi market is open to anyone who wants to contribute in accordance with the laws applicable investment.

This came during a speech in the Turkish celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of TBI.

Turki said that “our performance must be good in order to be an efficient banking system,” stressing that “Iraq’s economic future will be a surprise to friends.”

He added that “the Trade Bank of Iraq has had an important role in the development of foreign trade to Iraq and helped significantly ease the Chapter VII sanctions,” adding that “market must be open to all competitors Iraq after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi market is clearly open to anyone who wants to contribute in accordance with the laws applicable investment,” noting that “Iraq is not a poor resources and we are trying to shorten the time.”

The Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari announced that the Security Council vote on the resolution (2107) completely out of Iraq from Chapter VII and partly not, noting that the Iraqi side of understanding every word coined in the Security Council resolution.

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