CBI Denies plans to drop zeros in early 2014; Confirms issuance of bonds will improve IQD

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He denied the CBI, what some of the media, about the timing of the direct project restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros of them, stressing that such timing is Matrouh now that this project is in coordination with the government and related institutions.

According to a statement of the Central Bank yesterday Sunday: picked up some of the media statements of a House of Representatives about the timing of the direct project restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros from the year 2014.

statement added: that the CBI would like to emphasize that such timing is Matrouh currently, and that such a project is done through coordination with the Iraqi government and related institutions, as well as we are accustomed audience cream on his note of any proceedings related to the scope of responsibility of the central bank, including this important topic.

called upon the statement, officials contact the central bank for obtaining accurate information before putting things like this on the public Quran.

confirmed member Finance Committee MP Najiba Najib, that measures the Central Bank of the new issue bonds in dinars within the political bank to improve the value of the Iraqi currency against other currencies.

said Najib in a press statement on Sunday, said the central bank bills previously unknown were in foreign currency, so the bank to issue bonds in dinars for not restrict his other currencies. “

and added that the bank will increase to five-year bonds and the central bank hopes to issue the first tranche before the end of the year, despite that the decision on this will be made with the participation of the Ministry of Finance.

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