CBI denies deposit funds in Arab banks and threatening to sue a House of Representatives

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He denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Sunday, to be deposited money in the banks of eligibility Arab, and considered that the promotion of such news comes in the framework of “insulting” to the bank’s reputation and “face” policy in the fight against corruption, stressing that it reserves the right to “prosecute” a members Iraqi Council of Representatives publicly stated so.

The central bank said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, “once again shows a member of the House of Representatives, to talk topics respect to some of the Central Bank of Iraq has already been to the bank that student politicians or wanting to go into such topics stand on the health issues that they have, do not especially since some are real and illogical for a specialist, and thus does not lose these credibility if their destination reform. “

The bank did not name the Attorney intended but stressed that the remarks made by Iraqi satellite on Friday, 31/5/2013.
The statement added that “the MP said that the central bank was deposited in three Arab banks billion dollars interest rate of 3% seems to be MP is the beginning of quite as announced, because the mechanism of action of the Central Bank of the currently approved are filing in central banks and only in countries that have credit ratings of more than well and is performed by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank, “noting that” MP if he asked for it to Avdnah this simple information. “

The statement said, “In light of the above, it has become clear to us that such a chatter used to meet the Bank’s policy Avenue in uprooting the corrupt and parasites, and his defense of the men bankers serious and actors in building the economy of Iraq,” and expressed regret for “the insistence of some on the follow-up campaign of misinformation to the public Quran and abuse the reputation of a national institution such as the Central Bank. “

The statement stressed that “the Bank reserves the right legal establishment of litigation over what was stated in that interview from abuse and misleading because the confusion information public and shuffling papers in front of him does not constitute an abuse of the central bank and the banking system only, but also to harm the system the national effort to build institutions and boost the economy and weakens confidence in any decisions and mechanisms can be produced by the state, “noting that” this What تبتغيه forces that work in favor of blocking the march of the country even if it is not Mr. Attorney or other, meaning that. “


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