Cabinet authorizes Minister of Finance and Governor of CBI to negotiate debt settlement with Jordan and Egypt

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Cabinet decided to authorize the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank of negotiations for the settlement of the Jordanian and Egyptian debt on Iraq, while commissioned the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to expand acceptance in the medical colleges Group.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers received {Euphrates} a copy of “The Council held its forty-fourth regular in Baghdad today under the chairmanship of President Nouri al-Maliki decide where mandated the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to expand admission to colleges Medical Group of the provinces are able to increase the classroom to accept the owners of the high rates and up to five hundred students with the ability to take advantage of the laboratory after Hours Morning and disbursement of allowances for staff or faculty who take run labs. “

The statement continued that “decides to commit ministries and government institutions approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the delegations that leave the country for official purposes and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the Iraqi embassy concerned to take the necessary measures to coordinate advance with foreign authorities for the purpose of the success of the tasks of the delegation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appoint a representative of the employees of the embassy in all Iraqi delegation leaves the country to negotiate with his counterpart in another country in various fields of international relations. “

He said that “the Council decided to authorize the Ministry of Oil to pay dues fuel supplier to the Ministry of Electricity of investment allocations to the Ministry and the loan is settled treasury transfers to be issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.”

The statement continued, “it was authorize the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Iraq to approve a loan of the Islamic Development Bank to the Ministry of Construction and Housing in the amount of $ 225 million for the rehabilitation of the highway and are informed Islamic Bank by 31 of the current month and the inclusion of roof toploan of $ 500 million in the Budget Law 2014 and uses the rest of the money for other projects in agreement with the Islamic Bank. “

He pointed out, “it was authorize the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank the authority to negotiate and settle debts of Jordan to Iraq and the money that the Jordanian government to act on them without reference to the Iraqi government also authorized the Minister of Finance to negotiate with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance on the debt settlement Egyptian Iraq, according to the Paris Club agreement the settlement be presented to the Council of Ministers. “

The statement added that “the Council decided to amend the amount contained in the Council of Ministers Resolution 414 for the year 2013 of 4 trillion to 4,727,933 and modify the $ 3 trillion to 3,727,933.”

The statement continued that “the Council decided to credit the Ministry of Electricity $ 800 billion dinars deducted from the Ministry’s budget for the year 2014 for the purpose of paying the amounts of domestic fuel and fuel additives and maintenance of production plants and transmission and distribution networks.”

He said he “approved the extension of the memorandum of understanding consular between the Republic of Iraq and Turkey that includes grant Turkish workers recruited to work with the Iraqi government visas for 30 days, provided that the beneficiaries procuring approvals work fundamentalist them after their entry into Iraq from the competent authorities According to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 80 for the year 2013 on the granting of work permits and visas for foreign workers in foreign companies contracting with the government institutions and related issues. “

The statement said that “the Council decided to afford private sector companies, the Iraqi wishing to bring workers Turkish obtaining approvals fundamentalism from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the addition of a clause in the memorandum of understanding of the aforementioned states not to allow Turkish citizens entering smiles entry tourist from working in Iraq.”

He stressed that “during the plenary session approved the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the exception of the Ministry of Planning / Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control of the provisions of Article {3 / General Provisions / A – IV} of the Implementing Regulations of the federal budget for the financial year / 2013, for the purpose of purchasing devices and laboratory equipment different through a committee headed by the Director General of the Department of government contracts and the membership of representatives from the Departments of Planning sectors, and legal in the Ministry of Planning of not less than their degree functional Director General, that backed by a technical committee competent device mentioned above, so as to secure the needed ministry urgent to set up laboratories for screening at border crossing Umm Qasr, Trebil, and newborn, etc.)

The statement continued, “It was decided the inclusion of categories of extra instructions to implement the decision of the Governing Council No. 88 of 2003, with a minor, including the inclusion of members of the leaders of the people, their wives and their children and clients their money, and all of اجرم against the Iraqi people and all those found enriched at the expense of public money judicially and the heads and members of committees investigative and Associates of repressive agencies. “

He explained that he “decided that the Ministry of Finance to allocate an amount of twenty thousand dollars to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the purpose of the contribution of the Republic of Iraq in the United Nations Fund foremergency from the budget of the ministry and the recommendation of the Foreign Ministry to open a consulate general of the State of Kuwait in the province of Arbil, according to the provisions of Articles 25 and 26 of the Law on Foreign Service No. 45 of 2008, that the Republic of Iraq reserves the right to open a consulate general in the State of Kuwait in the future in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. “

The statement noted that he “decided to recommend to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the reopening of Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in the province of Basra, according to the provisions of Article 26 of the Foreign Service Act No. 45 of 2008, with Iraq retaining the right and on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.”

He said he had “approved during the meeting the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the open honorary consulate of the Federal Republic of Brazil in the province of Arbil, according to the provisions of Article 26 of the Law on Foreign Service No. 45 for the year 2008 while retaining Iraq the right to open honorary consulate and on the basis of the principle of reciprocity and agree to join the Republic of Iraq to the membership of the Committee media COI affiliated to the General Assembly of the United Nations. “

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