Baghdad and Washington agree to extend the immunity of Iraqi assets in America

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10/06/2013 – 14:40

Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, that Iraq and the United States have agreed to issue a decision of U.S. President Barack Obama to extend immunity to the balances of Iraq, calling on various state institutions to do their utmost to resolve various outstanding issues. ,

the bank said in a statement issued today, and received “Alsumaria News”, a copy of it, it is “based on the tireless efforts made by the State of Iraq through formations various meetings held with the U.S. side, it was agreed with the U.S. government to extend immunity to the balances of Iraq,” noting that “the agreement provides for the issuance of a decision of the U.S. President to extend immunity to balances Iraqi in the United States two branches (the expense of the Development Fund for Iraq, DFI and the expense of the Iraqi Central Bank). “

the bank said that “the decision to extend the previous decision was final and ends at the end of the month of Maylast,” adding that “the present resolution, a feat institutions Iraqi state. ” and called on the Bank different state institutions to “make every effort to resolve various outstanding issues in order to avoid any actions that would affect the rights of Iraq and its assets,” expressing his blessing for “this decision and hopes to contribute to achieving the goals that aspires to the Iraqi people.”

It is noteworthy that a report of the Ministry of Defense has confirmed, in October 2011, that an investigation conducted showed that funds the reconstruction program the U.S. provided to Iraq in 2004 and said to have been lost in mysterious circumstances, were not lost did not steal, but was transferred to the CBI which is found in it Currently, while the latter denied responsibility for the loss amount, stressing that his powers in the management of the Fund was a formality in the era of the American civil governor Paul Bremer.

noteworthy that the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) was established in May of 2003, by the director of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) has been recognized , by a decision of the Security Council of the United Nations 1483 and after the dissolution of the CPA in June 2004, has been delegated the U.S. government by the Government of Iraq to manage the funds of the Development Fund for Iraq, made available for the reconstruction projects, and the U.S. Department of Defense Department funds the fund on behalf of the the U.S. government, the mandate was withdrawn with effect from 31 December 2007.

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