Assem Jihad: oil press is an important factor to reflect what goes on oil and energy in Iraq

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04-05-2013 02:16 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Called spokesman Assem Jihad, the oil Ministry to the attention to press Iraq’s oil for delivery of information to the petroleum and energy sector to people that Iraq possessed large oil reserves.

Jihad said the Organization Internews about press coverage and was attended by Iraq’s oil (News Agency): that Iraqi crude after 2003 became the focus of attention of all the media or other organizations and States, due to its Iraq oil stocks estimated at 500 billion barrels, rising above the (150) billion barrels, saying those numbers are growing.

He added: you must press Iraqi oil attention by government agencies and international organizations and independent to make the Iraqi media kept pace with developments in the media field, and create specialized information, to the right of the people to know everything that goes on in terms of energy and oil production and export figures and precautions.

He pointed out: to inform the Ministry of oil has contributed directly to Iraq’s full membership of transparency international in the extractive industry, published monthly from precise figures on actual production and export capacity of crude oil.

Said Director of Internews in Iraq Marika Olsen, Internews has managed since its inception in Iraq training a large group of journalists in the field of energy and oil, for the development of the journalistic staff and enables them to cover the oil sector.

During the project was published over 450 articles by journalist trainees specialized in oil and energy, noting that Iraqi journalists gifted journalistic writings, Internews has continued work with them, in order to create an advanced generation of Iraqi journalist able to cover the oil in all its detail

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