Allawi calls on the Iraqi prime minister to resign

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the next parliamentary elections Sunday Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to offer his resignation and the formation of a caretaker government charged with the responsibility of procedures of parliamentary elections to be held on April 30 next year.

According to the National Coalition, in a press statement, that the “coalition of the national do not see any future for the current government must be replaced by a caretaker government does not run in the next election to calm the situation and put the safety and fair elections as a major goal, and central to them.”

He explained, “From here, we reiterate our call for the political forces and personalities involved in the ministry to withdraw from the cabinet and call as well as the Prime Minister to offer the resignation of his cabinet and call for the House to accept the resignations and works on the formation of a caretaker government charged with the responsibility to conduct the elections only.”

The statement said, “We have gone too far the current government in its actions fell capabilities in the management of the country pretty scary and dangerous and failed privilege of political, security and, service exposed unit of the Iraqi people to danger, rejecting all forms of genuine partnership and national reconciliation and curtailed the role of the presidency and the Iraqi judiciary and trying to overthrow the House of Representatives fully and proceeded to ignore all the legitimate demands expressed by citizens in peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins included all of Iraq since February / Fberaaraam, 2011 “.

The statement said “all this is going on and Iraq stand at the doors of elections decide his fate and under are given a serious security is in the blasts, the daily bloodshed and pure and tensions escalate and rooted repercussions destructive in addition to the ongoing displacement of thousands of families in the provinces of Iraq precious It is unreasonable to hold elections under this the situation. ”


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