8 billion dollars in oil revenues last March

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Oil Ministry announced that the exported quantities of crude oil and the revenue for the month of March, according to the statistical final issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company amounted to 74.300000 seventy-four million and three hundred thousand barrels while revenues were 7,507 seven billion five hundred and seven million dollars. spokesman of the Ministry of Oil Assem Jihad said in a press statement: that the quantities exported and the revenue for the month of March last recorded a decline compared to last February, because of repeated targeting exports through the line of Ceyhan – Kirkuk.

adding that the exported quantities of crude oil for the month of March last, Tksmt between Basra oil, which reached (73.5) seventy-three million five hundred thousand barrels earnings of $ 7,429 seven billion and four hundred and nine and twenty million Dolarama Kirkuk oil exports amounted to (0.8) eight hundred thousand barrels, which achieved revenues of (74) seventy-four million dollars and added that the average selling price was (101.036) dollars per barrel. between the quantities above were uploaded by the international oil companies that carry different nationalities of (30) oil companies from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and buoys unilateralism on the Arabian Gulf and Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea and the truck by truck to Jordan. noteworthy that The ministry and through faith in informing the people on the export operations and the amounts realized it has taken this procedure monthly to the completed

Two Chinese companies operations completions to three new wells, including wells (multiple arms) in the Halfaya oil (35 southeast Maysan) one major fields belonging to the Maysan Oil Company. The general director of Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool Bahadli that my company Bohai Dagin Amlten according to contracts with the operator of President Halfaya field (Company Petrojayna) have completed recently operations completions to three new wells in the Halfaya field two (Hlvaip -60.65, 76), indicating that the two wells of these wells were drilled technology arms of multinational.

investigating drilling technique multiple arms of the wells a significant increase in the amount of oil produced and to reduce the cost of drilling. added Bahadli that the number of wells that have been completed in that field since the implementation of contracts for the licensing rounds, including these wells, amounted to 62 wells In addition to reclaiming 11 wells in the same field. estimated oil reserves of the field about 16 billion barrels of which 4 billion are recoverable at the moment in addition to large quantities of natural gas, has been.




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